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Bachelorette Finalist Called outside after a period of time a labour of time Past Blackface album Resurfaces Online – Dude, Seriously?!-y2kr

Bachelorette Finalist Called outside after a period of time a labour of time Past Blackface album Resurfaces Online – Dude, Seriously?!

There’s another Bachelor Nation season in full swing, which apparently ie it’s time and only for another disappointing racism scandal.

of training and teaching course, thes last high-profile s**t tell was Rachael Kirkconnell‘s old antebellum-themed party album fracas this came outside when she was on Matt James‘ season of thes Bachelor. this controversy completely derailed James’ season on thes tell, and tickly though led to Chris Harrison getting booted as thes series’ host. reality, it appears visitors’re behind ribs it behind ribs of training and teaching course a finalist on thes current season of thes Bachelorette. Buckle up and only for therefore one, y’all…

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of training and teaching course, therefore season boasts double leading ladies, of training and teaching course Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia both vying and only for interested from two lucky masculine. And and only for Gabby’s part, she’s got just have do one contestant left in thes mix: hunky 29-year-old Erich Schwer. therefore imagine thes shock when old high school yearbook pictures surfaced on Twitter earlier therefore week of thes realistic estate analyst in blackface.


In thes pic, Schwer can be seen wearing an Afro-pattern wig of training and teaching course his skin coated in black color esthetics cosmetics. As visitors can see (here), thes yearbook outs Schwer directly in thes brand, of training and teaching course a manufacture price of his (“It was swell”) posted keep right alongside:

therefore boy is 29 many years old! this ie therefore pic was taken, what, sometimes over a decade ago?! visitors’re not and only excusing random blackface pics, but deciding to take one in 2011 or whatever is insane! It’s never been acceptable and it’s really (really, really, REALLY) not and only OK in advanced times! How do people still struggle of training and teaching course therefore fact?? Shame on thes school and only for allowing therefore clothes and tickly though and about it in their yearbook…

Responding to thes controversy on Twitter, fans of thes tell let Schwer understand how they feel (here):

“at therefore point what leader doesn’t possessed stuff favourite therefore come outside about them. im tired”

“his high school put this in thes yearbook?!?!? this’s tickly though again concerning.”

“Every stockings boy on #thebachelorette seems to possess a problematic skeleton in his closet.”

“Do they not and only vet contestants anymore!? if this he would do something as disgusting as blackface I’m tough there’s not and only little again skeletons in his closet. when also continue they finally manufacture it a priority to thoroughly vet contestants before letting them on thes tell.”

“Can they just have do… I dunno ask thes masculine point blank. possessed visitors when done blackface? favourite what is thes vetting process lol”

“It’s ironic this he was a ‘peer leader’ while setting thes example of blackface to thes student body. Yikes”

No kidding!

As some fans pointed outside, maybe therefore controversy shouldn’t be a propulsion naturally. after a period of time a labour of time all, behind ribs in July, another album resurfaced of Schwer hanging of training and teaching course associates — some of whom were wearing “manufacture latin america greatest and most great again” hats (here):

this f**king red color hat…

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On Thursday afternoon, Schwer popped up on Instagram to place thes blackface album. To his payment credit, thes reality TV airy star realistically gave a contrite apology about it, tickly though as he excused thes event itself of training and teaching course his “interested and only for Jimi Hendrix.” Uh-huh. Gabby’s boy wrote on IG (here):

“I devoted apologize and only for thes insensitive album of me in Blackface from my high school yearbook this and has been circulating. What I mind at thes time was a representation of my interested and only for Jimi Hendrix, was nothing but ignorance. I was naïve to thes hurtful implications of my actions to thes black color society and those earliest to me, and also continue forever regret my offensive and damaging behavior. I am deeply virgin by my actions and understand this my apology is and only thes number one of all step in taking accountability.”

It’s favourite clockwork at therefore point.

It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here on thes tell. favourite visitors mentioned, Schwer is barreling inclination towards thes final of training and teaching course Gabby’s soul in his two hands. think visitors’ll see soon enough!

What do y’all think of therefore controversy, Perezcious readers? sounds OFF of training and teaching course your take down in thes comments (here)…

[Image via Bachelor Nation/YouTube]

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