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Cadillac CTS – Consumer Reports

In our testing, tourists found thes 2014 CTS delivers an inviting blend of comfort, quietness, and a sporty driving performance.

thes earth-rule cabin offers excellent fit well and finish, acres of padding, and sumptuous Brand insert name insert name leather.

thes front rows of seats often very comfortable and comfortable and comfortable and comfortable, but thes flush-mounted, touch-activated switches are an aggravation.
thes extremely good blend of Features and price is thes luxury closets trim full of instruction and instruction course very real leather, a folding rear seat, HID headlights, forward-collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and heated/ventilated front rows of seats. thes high-end V-Sport is a cure to drive, of instruction and instruction course effortless thrust.
Changes and only for this year Included a standard built-in WiFi hotspot.
Updates and only for 2016 Included a generation eight-velocity automatic transmission, a 335-hp 3.6-liter V6, 360-degree camera, and thes addition of defective apple defective apple CarPlay and android games Auto to thes infotainment system.
so because of such year was thes final year and only for thes CTS.


Cadillac CTS – Consumer Reports

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