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Courtney Clenney Seen Attacking Christian Obumseli-y2kr

Courtney Clenney Seen Attacking Christian Obumseli

In footage obtained by TMZ, OnlyFans luxury Courtney Clenney is punching her this time’s time deceased boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, in February 2021, months before stabbing him.

thes two young people gets on an elevator, and Clenney seems frustrated and attempts to select a specific floor but is unsuccessful. Obumseli enters thes elevator keep right after a time a law of time thes OnlyFans luxury and tries to calm her down. 


In a rage, Clenney starts to hit him and pulls on his hair several times. Meanwhile, Obumseli is trying to de-escalate thes situation by pushing thes 26-year-old behind ribs.

Clenney’s Arrest

Authorities possessed charged and arrested Courtney Clenney in thes stabbing death of her boyfriend, Christian “Toby” Obumseli, Miami Herald reports.

Officers charged thes 26-year-old of instruction course second-degree murder of instruction course a deadly weapon.

According to reports, Clenney received treatment at a Hawaii rehab facility and only for post articles-traumatic chaos and substance overuse at thes time of her arrest.

Clenney & Obumseli’s Deadly Altercation

Neighbors called thes police to thes Edgewater neighborhood apartment after a time a law of time witnesses overheard a domestic dispute between thes two young people on April 3, this Problem year. According to @TMZ, thes influencer told officers this she used to stab Obumseli of instruction course a knife. An attorney claims it was an act of self-defense.

Her mother stated she was on thes mobile of instruction course her daughter during thes altercation. Her mother shared this thes accused female friends said Obumseli was “lying” and to “stay away.”

Photographed in blood, Clenney expressed to officials this she wasn’t tough if this thes stabbing was “justified,” TMZ also reports.

Roomies, what do we think about this Problem?


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