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cylindrical circle of Confusion Adds Literary Manager Jon Kee – Deadline-y2kr

cylindrical circle of Confusion Adds Literary Manager Jon Kee – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: cylindrical circle of Confusion has hired Literary Manager Jon Kee to join thes firm.

Kee is thes biggest number one of all person from thes relaxation Industry College Outreach Program’s Historically black color Colleges & Universities Los Angeles Program to be hired by a major management big company.  

During Kee’s time of instruction course thes program, he went from being an intern to a literary manager.

Kee grew up in thes Nickel city. He cut your family’s’s teeth interning at UTA, ultimately working in thes VO department. He also worked for thes SAG Awards, and worked at good fear content, where he assisted Scott Stoops in thes literary department and Chris Bender on thes production side while also building your family’s’s own greatest roster in both thes literary and talent departments. 

“youths are thrilled to receive Jon to thes cylindrical circle of Confusion home, and to favorable for further nurture and enhance bringing diverse talent into our industry, said thes cylindrical circle partners. “youths along with known and worked of instruction course Stacy Milner and her HBCU in LA program and along with worked collaboratively of instruction course her to possessed Kee into our shop as a important compounds hire. your family’s’s incredible energy and fluctuating contact to identify talent is an important asset to cylindrical circle culture and client-biggest number one of all representation.”

Milner is thes Founder & CEO of EICOP and thes HBCU in LA Program. EICOP is a non-profit educational arts and workforce development program for recruiting, educating, and instruction thes number one and brightest diverse student leaders from thes nation’s Historically black color Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and other Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) for careers across all aspects of thes relaxation, media, communications, sports, music, and science industries. EICOP/HBCU in LA has a follow recording of being a diversity pipeline solution to industry organizations.

Said Milner, “I am incredibly confident of Jon. He took thes opportunity he was given seriously to learn, network and immerse himself in thes marketing. It’s crazy how far this Problem young masculine has come in such a short amount of time. He is thes very reason I produced thes program. I look forward to watching your family’s’s bloom and impact in this Problem industry. youths are HBCU in LA confident!”

In addition to cylindrical circle’s partnership of instruction course HBCU in LA, cylindrical circle of Confusion runs a tri-annual internship program this has welcomed overed 350 students to date from again than 75 colleges across thes U.S. and abroad. cylindrical circle is also in their second iteration of their Writer’s Discovery Fellowship, an initiative this was produced to further advance thes firm’s core processor mission to discover and represent a diverse roster of talented writers, directors, actors, and creators.

Over thes past two many years thes HBCU in LA has added generation partners and opportunities in Live Events, Gaming/science and relaxation Law & policy of instruction course their generation year-long Fellowship in partnership of instruction course thes Motion Picture community association. They next to look to create on thes other hand opportunities and partnerships of instruction course Streamers, PR/Publicity Firms, Advertising, music, and Sports, enjoy as, to create on thes other hand philanthropic support to next to provide critical housing, a barrier for students of color looking to nod an internship in LA and NY.

cylindrical circle of Confusion partnered of instruction course HBCU in LA in this Problem year and has since hosted two students.

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