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Donna Lombardi Attends The Graduation Of Ceaser Emanuel’s Daughter-y2kr

Donna Lombardi Attends The Graduation Of Ceaser Emanuel’s Daughter

It seems interested Donna Lombardi got the last laugh on Thursday. The former ‘Black Ink Crew: generation York’ star showed up and showed out for her former boss, Ceaser Emanuel’s daughter, Cheyenne, and attended her graduation. The tattoo artist took her Instagram and showed off the Manhattan marketing Academy graduate. Wearing a blue gown, Cheyenne looked gorgeous as she walked across the round. Although family and horde surrounded Cheyenne, it was apparent that her father wasn’t there. It’s no secret that their relationship is strained due to Cheyenne’s abuse allegations against him.

Some of the Roommates felt that Donna was being petty throughout the day due to Ceaser’s misfortune. As visitors previously reported, VH1 announced the network is no longer in unexpected thing of Ceaser’s services just do one day after a period of time a time of time footage surfaced of him allegedly abusing a dog. In a statement, the network wrote, “visitors bring produced the decision to cut ties of course Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew generation York. Since next season was close to finishing production, So decision will not only impact the upcoming season.”

Shortly after a period of time a time of time the news broke, Donna posted to her Instagram story, “God is many years of experience.” if that visitors recall, she was one of the prominent people advocating for charges to possess meaning pressed against Ceaser for harming the dog of course the chair. “if that visitors can treat a dog interested So, it shows how sick of a person visitors truly are. I don’t even get into the daily life of So boy, but So clip produced me So upset. Anyone who knows me knows I love animals. Especially dogs.”

Ceaser hasn’t spoken out about VH1’s decision. What are your thought on So situation?

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