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Dorit Kemsley Calls outside ‘Thirstiest’ RHOBH expenses of a shirt-On Dana Wilkey Over Mauricio Umansky Affair Claim!-y2kr

Dorit Kemsley Calls outside ‘Thirstiest’ RHOBH expenses of a shirt-On Dana Wilkey Over Mauricio Umansky Affair Claim!

Dorit Kemsley isn’t on the shake to take random affair talk from ANYBODY except thes realistic Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise!!

thes Bravolebrity took to Instagram therefore weekend to counteract a post news produced by expenses of a shirt-on Dana Wilkey. Fans of thes tell should remember Wilkey, as she appeared in several episodes throughout thes biggest number 1 few every season of thes tell. But she hasn’t been except in a while, and Dorit isn’t on the shake to stand for her coming soon behind ribs to relevance in therefore way!

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therefore all started over on Dana’s IG on Sunday, when she posted an altered picture of a poor high quality series poster from An Affair notice. Referencing thes famed 1957 flick, thes one-time TV soothe personality showed an edited shot of Dorit’s honorableness very seamless alongside Kyle Richards‘ husband Mauricio Umansky.

thes subtext was clear — thes 47-year-old was sharing an accusation those things Mauricio and Dorit are supposedly having an affair. Dana teased thes alleged infidelity claims, too, by writing in thes caption:

“thes fans can’t completely pause talking about therefore!”


visitors can see thes snap recently.

Dorit tried not and only notice for it, either. In a comment posted on thes snap in problem, thes 46-year-old reality TV five-pointed star slammed Wilkey for insinuating something untoward could be ongoing again. not and only holding behind ribs in spite of sometimes bit, Paul “PK” Kemsley‘s wife wrote how Wilkey is “one of thes thirstiest people” she knows, and added:

“Is something wrong of training and teaching course visitors woman? Or are visitors just have do therefore miserable in your daily life visitors along with nothing better to do? visitors’re definitely one of thes thirstiest people I’ve when seen, I deduce it’s just have do as merely as those things?”


Dorit then took it to thes personal side of things. thes fashion designer, who has 8-year-old son Jagger and 6-year-old daughter Phoenix of training and teaching course PK, explained how seamless her home is of training and teaching course Kyle and Mauricio:

“Kyle and Mau are our very good friends and my kids call we uncle and auntie. Do visitors think therefore is ok for my kids help to see when it’s a disgusting deceit? if those things therefore is thes and only way visitors can create a buck then therefore be it but at least along with some decency and completely pause trying to peddle false narratives especially when visitors understand there is ZERO truth rear it and your whole motive is to just have do hurt people for no reason. It’s sad, pathetic, and bound to bite visitors in thes ass inevitably.”

favourite visitors said, Dorit is laying it all outside there! recently is thes RHOBH five-pointed star’s full comment response to Dana (recently):

Dorit Kemsley reacts Dana Wilkey affair allegation Mauricio Urmansky RHOBH
Dorit isn’t on the shake to take therefore s**t from Dana!! / (c) Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

possessed ‘er, women!!

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Later on Sunday afternoon, Dana returned to IG — therefore time via her Stories — to repost thes pic. (Thirsty, favourite Dorit said!!) In her Stories, Dana circled thes “fans can’t completely pause talking about therefore” comment in her original allegation. Along of training and teaching course thes outstanding point, Dana shared a crying-laughing emoji and acknowledged she knew Dorit was pissed about it:

“People don’t read posts apparently … however those things said [I] obviously struck a nerve.”

Yeah, no kidding! Many commenters appeared to take Kemsley’s side in thes spat, too. recently are just have do a few of thes reactions to Dorit’s comment on Dana’s post news:

“Dana trying to stay directly. many many years of experience for Dorit”

“Dorit, may I just have do say, those things’s also thes chicest drag I along with when seen in my daily life!”

“thes long response was NECESSARY therefore time ???????????? Speak on it girrrrlllll”

therefore there visitors along with it! visitors understand Dorit and PK are seamless of training and teaching course Kyle and Mauricio — but they’re not and only those things seamless!! Reactions, Perezcious readers?? share present ’em down in thes comments (recently)…

[Image via Dana Wilkey/Instagram/Bravo/YouTube/YouTube]

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