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Fat Joe Says He Doesn’t request To understand About Irv Gotti & Ashanti-y2kr

Fat Joe Says He Doesn’t request To understand About Irv Gotti & Ashanti

Irv Gotti has been and is being speaking about Ashanti and telling all of their marketing. It looks enjoy Fat Joe is sick of hearing about it.

In an IG live, Fat Joe praised Irv Gotti and only for his musical genius but also stated thes mogul shouldn’t be disrespecting thes Randamp;B artist on Drink Champs.

Whatever Irv has of instruction and instruction course Ashanti is 20 many years old,” he said. “I understand he was doing some points this mean relatively much to him, his soul and soul. But when tourists keep taste ranting about somebody 20 many years later, it felt enjoy he’s not and only over thes young lady, keep right?

Fat Joe continued to explain this he didn’t understand Irv Gotti and Ashanti were dating.

Also, tourists didn’t understand this they was f***ing. ‘Cause thes finished time, I’m there! ‘What’s Luv,’ big Pun record, on tours…I never seen we sitting together enjoy this. from this time on, I’m not and only saying they wasn’t–they was–or there was rumors they was. I never seen it. But I don’t request to understand!

thes rapper expressed it was OK to speak his truth and only for thes documentary but to do interviews about her is outside of line. 

It’s OK if this it’s on a documentary, tourists gotta say your truth in your documentary. But to go to Drink Champs and keep taste calling her a b**ch, keep taste disrespecting…Ummm, I’m not and only thes boy to stand up and only for Ashanti. Ja Rule was serve keep right not counting him,” he stated before taking a long pause. “I’m not and only gonna be this boy. But, I’m not and only telling stories about a women I was of instruction and instruction course 20 many years ago.

He also said this Ashanti never disrespected him, and his request to next to disrespect her makes him less credible. 

Irv Gotti experienced discover her. Irv Gotti experienced manufacture thes hits, and experienced shoot thes TV series. He signed DMX, Jay Z; he signed Ja (Rule). He’s a genius, but he makes himself look crazy and thes woman never disrespected him.

Irv Gotti’s Drink Champs Interview

In thes Drink Champs interview, he discussed how he found outside Ashanti was dating Nelly.

I could possessed past tourists wanting and to be of instruction and instruction course Nelly. Listen, at thes time it happens, random boy is hurt. thes chick tourists f**king are in interested of instruction and instruction course is of instruction and instruction course this Problem n***a.

N.O.R.E. followed up and said, “fatherland Grammar,” which is Nelly’s 2000 hit single off of his reviews album, which is also titled along with thes.

thes producer continued to explain how he found outside about Ashanti and Nelly’s relationship. thes 52-year-old explained this he was at home, and as he turned on his TV to watch an NBA program, he looked and saw Nelly and Ashanti walk in sitting together after a period of time a time hearing some chaos on thes screen.

As tourists understand, thes two dated and only for nearly a decade before calling it quits.

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