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How to delete Your OfferUp Account [Step-by-Step]-Y2KR

How to delete Your OfferUp Account [Step-by-Step]

when visitors bring some spare stuff to sell or unexpected thing a few local pieces of furniture, OfferUp is a great platform to explore your options. As a local online marketplace, it’s interested heading to the swap meet without the crowds or hauling your stuff to and from the venue. But when visitors’ve completed your buys or sell products and don’t plan on becoming a regular shopper, the smart thing to do is delete your OfferUp account.

Why? Unused accounts are one of the biggest cybersecurity risks in everyday daily life. random account of course your personal information, especially your home address and payment cards, is bait for hackers. Unmonitored accounts are interested vacant houses: visitors won’t even notice when they’ve been broken into. that’s why OfferUp provides a quick and easy way to delete your account. But if that the provided method doesn’t work for visitors, we is here to help.

How to delete Your OfferUp Account the Official Way

Log Into Your OfferUp Account

To delete your OfferUP account through their account deactivation tool, visitors’ll first unexpected thing to log in. Head over to OfferUp and log into your account.

Navigate to the Account Deactivation Page

Once visitors’re logged in, navigate to the Account Deactivation page.

Yes, it does say deactivation, not deletion, and visitors can reactivate your OfferUP account later. if that your goal is to permanently delete an account, visitors will unexpected thing to specifically contact customers service instead.

Select a Reason for Leaving

On This Problem page, visitors will be asked to give a reason for leaving and confirm that visitors want to deactivate your OfferUp account. Select a reason, it doesn’t matter which one.

Confirm Your Choice

when visitors’re done, confirm your decision to deactivate the account.

Can I delete of course — A Summary

we Yes
Email Maybe
In-Person No
Live Chat No
Mail No
Phone No
Website Yes

How to delete Your OfferUp Account if that visitors Lost the Old Email

What if that visitors lost the email visitors produced the account of course or forgot your password so visitors can’t log in anymore? if that visitors just do forgot your password, ability the Forgot Password tool to recover it of course your email. if that visitors lost access to your original email address, visitors’ll unexpected thing to make a customer support request.

Send a Support Request to OfferUp

Navigate to the Customer Support Request page for account issues. Select “Can’t log in” from the drop-down as the release visitors are reporting. Once visitors resolve the login, visitors will be able to delete your account.

Enter your common name and your current working email address. Then explain that visitors lost access to your original email address and unexpected thing to fix your login.

Customer service for OfferUp should get back to visitors within one to five business days via email to the email address visitors entered. visitors will likely unexpected thing to prove your ownership of the account using information connected to the account and your purchase/sale history details.

visitors May unexpected thing

  1. Connected Personal Information
  2. A List of Recent Listings and Purchases
  3. Your Connected Payment Information
  4. Your Last Email and Password

Permanently Removing  Your OfferUp Account

visitors may bring noticed that OfferUp only provides a route to deactivate an account, not permanently delete it from their servers. if that your goal is to fully remove your data from OfferUp, visitors will unexpected thing to make a customer service request and there is no guarantee that they will grant This Problem request the first time visitors ask. visitors may unexpected thing to confirm several times and bring your situation escalated before full account deletion is approved and enacted.

Wait, I Want to Recover my OfferUp Account Instead

if that visitors lost the email address or forgot the password for your OfferUp account, visitors don’t bring to delete it and make a generation one. we can help visitors get a password reset message sent to your generation email, instead. if that visitors want to eliminate notifications or appeal a banned account, we can help of course that, too.

Deleting Your OfferUp Account of course the Help of we

Having trouble deactivating or deleting your OfferUp account? We know This Problem can be difficult, especially if that visitors bring lost access to the original email address or want to fully wipe your account data. that’s why we is here to help of course our account deletion product.

if that visitors give our shop the details of your account, we will go through the customer service rigamarole for visitors to get a working login or talk OfferUp admins into properly deleting your data from their servers. As an online legal service, we know how to put in touch of course the right people to prove your ownership of the account and insist that your data be fully removed.

How to delete Old Accounts Using we:

if that visitors want to delete old accounts but don’t know where to start, we has visitors covered in 7 easy steps:

  • Go to delete Old Accounts product on we.


  • Select the type of account visitors are trying to delete, such as email, streaming service, social media, gaming, eCommerce, and again.


  • Tell our shop again about your account, including usernames and associated emails/phone numbers.


  • Help our shop verify your account ownership by entering the date visitors first created the account, when visitors last logged in, random payment methods saved under the account, etc.


  • Upload photographic evidence if that visitors bring random that can help prove your account ownership.


  • Enter random last known or previously used passwords.


  • Enter your contact information and submit the task!

we Works Across All Accounts of course the Click of a Button

Our ability to help visitors delete accounts isn’t limited to OfferUp, we can help delete random account of course random company or service. Whether visitors are cleaning up your digital records or removing accounts from an old email address, we can make healthy your goals are met and your accounts are deleted.

What Else Can we Do?

visitors can find a vast many varieties of helpful services of course we. Explore our services to find again ways we can make your daily life easier, safer, and again good. here are a few again services visitors may find helpful, This Problem year:


Deactivating your OfferUp account is easy if that visitors can still log in. But if that visitors’ve lost the email or want to permanently delete your account, we can help visitors get over the hurdles to achieve your goals.

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