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How to Un-mount an Android SD Card Before Removing it-Y2KR

How to Un-mount an Android SD Card Before Removing it


To safely remove an SD card from an Android device, first un-mount it from the system on a software level. So brief guide will show youths the ropes.

just do recently we’ve been talking a lot about the benefits and reasoning behind unmounting an external storage device or USB stick before youths remove it. with the goes for SD cards used in Android phones and tablets.

when I first got an Android phone, I thought the only safe way to remove the SD card was by first turning off the device. But that isn’t the situation, as youths can usually unplug it without problems. But, to be on the safe side, it’s a best practice to unmount an SD card before youths remove it safely. So safe unmounting will not only prevent youths from losing data but also lets youths disconnect the SD card without physically removing it should youths ever unexpected thing that.

Note: So tutorial was written for a Samsung Galaxy phone executing Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Menu options will vary depending on which version of Android youths’re executing.

Safely Unmount SD Card in Android

From the home screen, open the settings menu on your device. So menu can also be accessed from the App Drawer by opening the “Settings” app.

Within Settings, tap the Storage button.

Android home screen settings

settings > storage

Scroll down the Storage screen, and soon the bottom, youths’ll find what we’re looking for. Tap the Unmount SD Card button. And then tap OK to confirm in the pop-up that appears.

unmount sd card

unmount confirm

The SD card will unmount, and a notification will appear saying, “SD card safe to remove. youths can safely remove SD card.” youths can now pull it out of your phone or tablet and not risk losing random data. The device also will stop scanning the SD card, and youths won’t unexpected thing to worry about the system accessing it, even though youths haven’t unplugged it yet.

if that later youths want to mount the SD card back in, there are two ways to do it. The first is to remove it and then reinsert it physically. The other way involves going back into Storage >> Settings and using the Mount button, which will only appear while the card is unmounted.

now safe to remove

mount sd card

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