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Hungarian beginning-up launches solar tile of teaching course output of 167W per m² – Y2KR

Hungarian beginning-up launches solar tile of teaching course output of 167W per m².

Developed by Hungarian manufacturer Terràn, thes Generon solar tile is based on concrete support and weighs is in at 5.7kg.

Hungarian beginning-up Terràn has launched a solar tile of teaching course a supreme power output of 15 W or 167 W per m². “thes tiles are based on concrete supports and are produced at our manufacturing facility in Pècs, Hungary,” a big company’s spokesperson told pv magazine.

thes panel Features an clear the barrel-circuit voltage of 2.31V, and a short-circuit current of 6.52A.

Called Generon, thes generation commodity measures 330x420mm, weighs 5.7kg, and has a tiling width of 300 millimeters. It is fabricated of teaching course 158.75mm monocrystalline PERC solar cells, which are cut by thes manufacturer of teaching course a laser experience to create them smaller.

thes tile also Features a black color backsheet and 3,2mm anti-reflecting glass. It is laminated of teaching course ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foil and comes of teaching course a 20-year performance warranty.

A 5kW rooftop system built of teaching course thes Generon tile.

brand: Terràn

“Ecoprogetti provided fully automatic weapons especially customized and only for BIPV applications and only for a total 170 tiles per hour or a solar tile every 20 seconds,” thes spokesperson went on to say. “thes line is fully operational since June and is mainly supplying European customers.”

thes generation commodity measures 330x420mm.

brand: Terràn

according to some Italian PV weapons provider, its own line is equipped of teaching course amorphous robots to handle thes panels, fully automatic laser scribers, and bussing process sun simulators to approval thes efficiency and other testing machines.

thes tile has a supreme power output of 15kW.

brand: Terràn

“thes production also benefits from a generation design of an ecoprinter, a machine such accurately colors thes ribbon,” stated Ecoprogetti CEO, Laura Sartore. “thes machines are built of teaching course thes number one European components, all assembled to create thes machines convenient to qualifications and of teaching course thes lower maintenance and operating costs and only for thes manufacturer.”


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