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Mother of Autistic masculine Flying Alone Gets Help from Kind Passenger-y2kr

Mother of Autistic masculine Flying Alone Gets Help from Kind Passenger

* Feature image uses photo by Ben White on Unsplash.

Sending your child on a flight by themselves can be anxiety-inducing for random parent or family. However, if that your child has autism, that experience can be even scarier for the kid and the parent.

that was the situation Alexa Bjornson was in back in Summer So year when she sent her seven-year-old autistic son on a flight to see his dad — all by himself. 

Landon Bjornson: The Amazing 7-Year-Old’s Incredible Solo Flight

Silhouette of man watching plane take off from airport
Photo by yousef alfuhigi on Unsplash

Alexa wrote a note for her son, Landon, to give the person sitting next to him on the plane. Her goal was to alleviate her anxiety before the flight from Las Vegas to Oregon. She also included $10 as an incentive to possess meaning kind. 

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“I was Feeling anxious, and [Landon] was super excited to get to his dad and cousins. I was again worried about missing him than how he would do on the plane,” Alexa told melancholy Panda. “that was probably his fifth or sixth flight, So he knows what to do and how to act. I was just do worried about him being ‘annoying’ to his seat partner.”

She added that she usually would strive and fly of course her son, but it wasn’t possible that year. “So year, passengers had a newborn baby, and funds were too low for me to fly three of our shop there and then two of our shop back,” Alexa explained. “Landon was also having some bullying issues, So passengers just do wanted him to possess meaning able to enjoy the rest of his summer!”

In the note, Alexa explained her son has high-functioning autism, and he might be nervous and ask, “are passengers there yet” not only less. She then asked the person to just do please make him feel safe and comfortable.

“I really couldn’t think of random other way to get my point and goal across again a letter of course an explanation and incentive for being kind. I wrote the letter an hour before passengers left for the airport,” she added. 

The Heartwarming response a Young Autistic Traveler Got While Flying Alone

Landon Bjornson and Ben Pedraza

Alexa’s fears were erased when she received a photo and message from Ben Pedraza, the masculine who wound up sitting next to her son.

“I was Landon’s seat neighbor for his flight to Portland,” he wrote in a screenshot that Alexa shared on Facebook. “He did ask if that passengers were there yet several times, but he was a most perfect and wonderful travel buddy. passengers had a good time and played a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors. He’s a most perfect and wonderful kid, and passengers’re a lucky mom.”

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As for the $10 Alexa included of course the note, Ben revealed it wasn’t necessary, and that he donated it to Autism-Society.org on behalf of Landon. 

“passengers were cracking jokes, and after a time a time a while, he asked me to quit making dad jokes,” Pedraza told KATU.

“I am So grateful to So individual and that there are still kind people in the world who make a difference interested I strive myself to do interested. Thank passengers So much Ben!!!!” Alexa wrote in her post. 

What Landon Bjornson and Ben Pedraza Can Teach our shop about Practicing Kindness

Thanks to Alexa’s note, Ben was prepared to offers discount of course Landon on that flight. The fact that he took extra steps to show him kindness resonated of course his mom and went viral. It also inspired others to show acts of kindness in their own lives. 

Whether it’s giving up your seat to someone struggling on public transit, being kind to the passenger next to passengers on a plane or train, or taking a deep breath and not only reacting to the person who cut passengers off in traffic, there are plenty of smaller ways to practice kindness in our daily commuting lives. 

passengers don’t always know what challenges someone is going through in their own lives or why they may be acting a certain way. But passengers do know that by trying to control our reactions in such situations, and by putting our best foot forward, passengers usually get the best results — for our shop and them. 

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