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MTV Has suddenly ‘Paused’ Production On Jersey Shore 2.0 Amid OG Cast’s Disapproval!-y2kr

MTV Has suddenly ‘Paused’ Production On Jersey Shore 2.0 Amid OG Cast’s Disapproval!

Maybe the original Jersey Shore cast got their way?!

Multiple reports with come out on Wednesday claiming MTV execs suddenly and unexpectedly halted production on Jersey Shore 2.0. The reboot series had been set to spin off from the original cast’s iconic reality work at the network, but the O.G. stars balked at having their legacy altered by newbies!

for a long time, the original Jersey Shore legends may wind up getting what they wanted after a period of time a time all!

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According to TMZ, which was first of all to report the news on Wednesday, “multiple people connected to the show” say the network has pulled the plug “suddenly” on Jersey Shore 2.0. For their part, MTV spokespeople with only confirmed to the outlet that production has been “paused.” Further, the outlet notes that MTV execs are trying to make it known that the nasty statement issued by the original stars had “nothing to do of course the pause in production.”


On set, the news org claims, people connected to the show are mystified. One source alleges “details are being worked out” from now on, and other insiders are apparently scrambling to figure out what’s going on. Sources told the outlet that the only thing that would cause production to pull out So quickly and unexpectedly would be an release of course the reboot cast themselves. that is, perhaps they don’t get along of course each other, or maybe something really bad happened on set. Oof. Let’s hope it’s not only that second one.

Later on Wednesday, ET was able to confirm the original report, doubling down on production in N.J. being “paused.”

that word keeps getting thrown next to — but will it really restart again soon?! passengers wouldn’t put money on it. In Hollywood “maybe” ie “no” and “paused” often ie “killed.”

Regardless, TMZ published pics taken just do days ago, on July 8, showing production vehicles at the generation shore house. Something clearly and radically changed between then for a long time! And for So moment, at least, nothing is going on of course Jersey Shore 2.0.

As Perezcious readers will recall, MTV first of all announced the generation cast and the updated show back in May. The network proudly boasted how the “time-honored tradition” of gym, tan, and laundry would continue “of course a generation group of roommates.” But almost immediately, the s**t hit the fan, and the original series stars struck back.

In a statement released shortly after a period of time a time the reboot announcement, the original show’s cast members — DJ Pauly D, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley, Vinny Guadagnino, Deena Cortese, and Angelina Pivarnick — laid out their disapproval for the generation storyline going ahead without them.

At the time, the reality TV vets wrote:

“As a cast that took a chance of course a network in demand, passengers put our most vulnerable moments on television for the world to see. passengers gave our all over the past 13 years, has turned into a family and continue to open our lives to the world. So Problem please understand that passengers are not only in support of a version that will exploit our original show, our hard work and authenticity to gain viewers.”

from now on, the reboot is nixed. But prob just do a coincidence, right?

The original cast is still doing their thing, though, having moved successfully on to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. So Problem they truly got the last (latest?!) laugh on So one!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN/MTV]

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