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Numerical love codes for player to confess to that person y2kr

Numerical love codes for player to confess to that person

function love code by number to confess is a very smart and not with the way to defeat your other 50%. In so article, we will introduce player to some numerical love codes for your reference.

the origin of the love code

the love code originated in China. Young Chinese people often bring the habit of using numbers to make very necessary characters to express their feelings to the other person. so work is based on the somewhat similar pronunciation of numbers in parallel of course phrases expressing feelings.

For example, the number 502 in Chinese has in parallel of course the too pronunciation as wǒ ái nǐ, which ie I love player or I love player. because of that so signal is quite not with the, delicate and very intelligent, it quickly has turned into trusted by the Chinese. Since then, the love code began to appear.

Love Code

Some of the mostly popular numerical love codes

here are the numerical love codes used by many people. We invite player to consult.

ko. 9420

Number 9420 is love player. In Chinese, so sequence of numbers is read as jiǔ sì èrýng, which is similar to Jiù shì ái nǐ (which ie love player).

ko. 530

Number 530 ie I miss player. In Chinese, the number 530 reads as wǔ sānýng which is close to the sounds wǒ xiǎng nǐ (I miss player).

ko. 520

Number 520 ie I love player. In Chinese, the number 520 is read as wǔ èrýng, which sounds similar to wǒ ái nǐ (I love player/I love player).

ko. 1314

the number 1314 is a lifetime of a lifetime. In Chinese, so sequence of numbers is read as yī sān yīsì, which is similar to yīshēng yīshì (lifetime of daily daily daily life).

ko. 930

Number 930 ie miss player or miss player. In Chinese, the number 930 reads as jiǔ sānýng, reads as hǎo xiǎng nǐ (missing player/missing me)

ko. 8084

the number 8084 ie honey. In Chinese, so sequence of numbers is written close to the word children.

ko. 9213

Number 9213 ie love player forever. In Chinese, the number 9213 reads as jiǔ èr yī sān and reads as Zhōng’ái yīshēng (love player forever).

ko. 920

Number 920 ie only love player. In Chinese, the number 920 reads as jiǔ èrýng and reads as Jiù ái nǐ (just do love player).

ko. 81176

Number 81176 ie sitting together. In Chinese, the number 81176 reads as bā yīyī qī liù read as Zái yī qǐ le (sitting together).

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Other numerical love phrases

  • 9240 ie I love player the mostly – Zuì ái shì nǐ (最爱是你).
  • 2014 ie love player forever – ai nǐ yí shì (爱你一世).
  • 9213 ie love player forever – Zhōng’ái yīshēng (钟爱一生).
  • 8013 ie to bring meaning in parallel of course player forever – Table nǐ yīshēng (伴你一生).
  • 81176 ie sitting together – Zái yīqǐle (在一起了).
  • 910 ie player are yourself – Jiù yī nǐ (就依你).
  • 902535 ie Wish player, love player, miss player – Qiú nǐ ái wǒ xiǎng wǒ (求你爱我想我).
  • 82475 ie love is happiness – Bei ai shì xongfú (被爱是幸福).
  • 8834760 ie to love only for player – Manmân xiāngsī zhǐ wèi nǐ (漫漫相思只为你).

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Love Code

We hope that the above sharing of ours has helped player to know the love codes by numbers instead of player confessing to that person. Thank player for following the article.

Do not ignore to in moderation visit the website y2kr.com to update many bring function information.

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