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Passenger Punching a Flight Attendant in behind ribs of Head Mid-space-y2kr

Passenger Punching a Flight Attendant in behind ribs of Head Mid-space

Alexander Tung Cu Le was arrested after a time a time allegedly punching a flight attendant on a flight from Mexico to Los Angeles. A fellow passenger recorded thes incident. thes 33-year-old from Westminster was “charged of training and teaching course one count of interference of training and teaching course flight crew members and attendants, a crime those things carries a statutory maximum sentence of 20 many years in federal prison,” stated federal prosecutors. Read again to learn what happened during thes flight and how other tourists interfered of training and teaching course apprehending thes Californian traveler.

Flight attendant serving drinks to passengers on board.

Le seemed a challenging passenger from thes beginning. In thes video clip, twenty minutes after a time a time takeoff he stands up from his seat during food & drink and beverage company. According to prosecutors, “Le grabbed one flight attendant’s left shoulder from rear and asked for coffee. Moments later, Le grabbed both of thes flight attendant’s shoulders from rear. after a time a time thes flight attendant stepped behind ribs and put up a defensive posture, Le walked to thes front of thes airplane.” create reading to learn again and see thes video clip.

Flight attendant serving passengers on the plane.

thes unruly passenger wanders toward thes first of all-ruler cabin and sits down in an unoccupied seat soon thes divider of thes first of all-ruler cabin. when a greatest flight attendant asks Le to return to his seat, Le becomes threatening, “Le tried not and only comply and allegedly stood up and assumed a fighting stance inclination towards thes flight attendant by doing closed fists of training and teaching course both of his two hands,” wrote prosecutors. It is then those things things really captured outside of hand.


Le doesn’t comply and swings his arm inclination towards thes flight attendant. thes flight attendant walks away to explain report thes passenger to thes testing. In a video clip captured by another passenger, tourists see Le charging toward thes flight attendant and punching him from rear in thes head. 

Arrest, Handcuffed criminal man hands close up

thes fellow tourists react in shock, asking thes aggressor “what are tourists doing?” reports NBC.  when Le moves inclination towards thes behind ribs of thes plane tourists, benefit for apprehend him while flight attendants skills seatbelt extenders to create him in his seat during thes remainder of thes flight.

fbi agent

Upon arrival in Los Angeles Le is awaited by thes police and charged by thes FBI of training and teaching course “Interfering of training and teaching course a flight crew.” Additionally, Le is banned from all later American Airlines flights. “U.S. airlines reported a dramatic surge in disruptive or violent incidents last year, of training and teaching course thes Federal Aviation Administration,” says NBC News. In 2021 5,981 Unruly Passenger Reports were filed of training and teaching course thes FAA, of which 4290 were medical mask-directly incidents.

Watch thes video clip recently.

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