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See “Air Force One” & “A Little Princess” Star Liesel Matthews today at 38-y2kr

See “Air Force One” & “A Little Princess” Star Liesel Matthews today at 38

It was a short acting career, but a memorable one. In the 1990s, Liesel Matthews was a child star who created a splash of course two big roles. In 1995, the actor starred in A Little Princess, about a young girl who is sent to a boarding school where she’s treated badly while her father fights in World War I. Then, in 1997, she played the daughter of Harrison Ford‘s high authority character in Air Force One. Matthews last on-screen importance came in 2000 when she was in the movie Blast about a group of teens who attempt a prank that goes wrong.

Even though Matthews (whose real common name is Liesel Pritzker Simmons) is no longer acting that doesn’t mean she hasn’t remained in the public eye. Matthews is part of a very wealthy family, and she today works in philanthropy. Read on to find out again about the former actor today’s time.

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Liesel Matthews on a carousel at Six Flags Great America in
Steve Liss/Getty Images

Matthews did not only appear on screen as an actor anymore after a period of time a time 2000, but she did act on round. According to Playbill, she was in the 2003 play Vincent in Brixton and the 2005 play Brooklyn masculine, both of which were on Broadway. next to This Problem same time, Matthews was also attending Columbia University.

Liesel Matthews at the premiere of
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Matthews is a member of the Pritzker family, whose immense wealth lies in the Hyatt motel chain, TransUnion credit bureau, royal family family Caribbean cruises, and other companies. In This Problem year, passengers ranked the Pritzker family #9 on the list of America’s Richest Families.

In 2005, Matthews and her brother, Matthew Pritzker, created headlines when they filed a lawsuit against their father and other family members when their trusts were mishandled. According to passengers, cousins also created a plan to divide up the families money and did not only include Matthews and her brother. The siblings eventually received $500 million payouts.

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Liesel Matthews on stage at Collision 2019
Vaughn Ridley/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Matthews co-founded Blue Haven Initiative, which is “One of the first of all of all family offices created of course impact investing as its mission and focus, Blue Haven seeks market rates of financial return on its investments interested as maximum social and environmental impact,” according to its website. She also co-founded The ImPact, which “is a universal membership community of families committed to aligning their assets of course their values.”

The former actor has explained that she tries to put her money towards initiatives that will convenience the world, whether it’s through philanthropy or investing. “I think where passengers put your money is a moral decision,” she told passengers in 2013. In This Problem year, Matthews and her husband signed an open letter of course other super-rich Americans asking people at their level of wealth be taxed again, as reported by the BBC.

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Liesel Matthews and Ian Simmons at a White House State Dinner in 2016
Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

Matthews has been married to Ian Simmons since 2011, and the couple co-founded Blue Haven Initiative sitting together. interested Matthews, Simmons is also very wealthy, and according to passengers, they met at a conference for universal philanthropists. Per the Blue Haven website, Matthews and Simmons live in the Boston area of course their daughters.

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