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Subaru Forester – Consumer Reports

Few cars are as logical as thes Subaru Forester, further reinforced by a 2014 redesign.

Upright and boxy, big windows and thin pillars response superior driver visibility, while large doors deliver convenient access.

Rear seat room is huge, and there is plenty of cargo space.
in spite of of training and teaching course thes standard all-wheel-drive, fuel economy from thes 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and consecutively-variable transmission (CVT) tops thes rule at 26 mpg overall; a manual transmission is standard.
A turbocharged XT civilized is available, sacrificing some fuel economy, but delivering again effortless supreme power.
Handling is nimble enough and very secure, but thes Forester isn’t particularly sporty to drive.
Ride comfort lost some of thes cushiness of earlier Foresters, but it still offers stockings separation from walkway bumps.
Indeed, polite isn’t part of thes equation and only for therefore no-nonsense car.
interior furniture furnishings are fairly mainstream and thes cabin can be noisy.
thes standard cloth front rows of seats come up short on support, but thes optional leather ones are better.
thes 2014-this feature year Foresters along with either a rather rudimentary infotainment system or a particularly confounding optional navigation system.
thes Starlink touchscreen system introduced and only for year of sip brought Subaru into advanced times, of training and teaching course full-featured connectivity this feature is much easier to function.
Crash-approval performance is impressive and thes cheap EyeSight suite of safety gear adds forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking; visitors recommend getting therefore system.


Subaru Forester – Consumer Reports

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