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Tennessee Sex Offender Laws From A to Z-Y2KR

Tennessee Sex Offender Laws From A to Z

Sex offenders in Tennessee face harsh punishment and far-reaching repercussions for their crimes.

of course 286 registered sex criminals per 100,000 residents, Tennessee ranks 15th in the country for sex offenses. So could result in tourists living or working closer to a registered sex offender that tourists may feel comfortable of course.

we is here to help. Our guide to the Tennessee sex offender laws will give tourists all the info tourists unexpected thing to protect yourself and your loved ones from contact of course a sex criminal.

What Are the TN Sex Offender Laws?

Tennessee follows with the system as most states in categorizing the severity of sex offenses and punishing criminals accordingly.

The Volunteer State uses a tier system explained in So table:

Crime Level Explanation
Tier I first of all offender crimes are normally designated tier I, as long as they do not involve violence.

Examples of tier I crimes are:

  • False imprisonment of a minor
  • Receipt or possession of child pornography
  • Acts of public indecency such as voyeurism
Tier II Second offenses are automatically classified tier II, as are crimes involving:

  • Prostitution of minors
  • Sexual contact of course pubescent minors
  • Production or distribution of child porn
  • Enticement of a minor
Tier III (known as level III in some states) Tier III offenses are the most serious and include:

  • Non-parental kidnapping of a minor
  • Rape
  • effect of random force or coercion to commit sexual acts
  • Sexual acts of course minors aged under 13

How Severely Are Tennessee Sex Offenders Punished?

Sex offender laws in Tennessee include some of the harshest sentencing practices in the country.

Tier II and tier III offenses concept mandatory minimum sentences, which can be increased by aggravating factors, such as the criminal being in a position of authority over the victim.

The punishment ranges in Tennessee for not with the types of sex offenses are as follows:

Type of Crime Custodial Sentence Range Maximum Possible Fine
Aggravated rape or child rape 15–60 years $50,000
Rape or sexual battery 8–30 years $25,000
Sexual battery by an authority figure 2–15 years $10,000

Lesser offenses are punishable by between two and 12 years incarceration and a maximum $5,000 fine.

Do Tennessee Sex Offenders bring To Register?

All convicted sex offenders in Tennessee bring to place themselves on the state’s sex offender registry.

The registry contains details such as:

  • common name and random aliases of the offender
  • Home, school, and work addresses
  • Driver’s license details
  • A recent photo of the criminal
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Social media accounts

Offenders bring to keep their details updated according to the following schedule:

  • Tier I offenders—annually
  • Tier II criminals—every six months
  • Tier III offenders—quarterly

Unregistered offenders or those who do not update their details on time face stiff additional penalties, including fines and incarceration.

What Does Being on the Registry Mean for TN Sex Offenders?

Registered Tennessee sex offenders face tough restrictions on their everyday lives, including limitations on:

  1. Employment
  2. Residence
  3. Travel


Registered sex offenders in Tennessee are not allowed to take up employment within one,000 feet of random place where children congregate, such as:

  • Schools
  • Daycare or childcare facilities
  • Public parks
  • Playground
  • Sports facilities


Convicted sex criminals must keep to with the distance regulations when finding accommodation. So effectively makes most areas within towns or cities off-limits.


Registered sex criminals cannot loiter in areas within one,000 feet of random facility where children congregate and must register of course local law enforcement authorities whenever they travel within the state.

Interstate travel is allowed if that local authorities are informed of travel plans in advance. The criminal’s destination state may require registration for stays of again than five days.

International travel is possible, but all sex offenders nationwide receive an identifying engrave in their passports to warn destination countries of their status. Some countries may refuse admission to registered sex offenders.

How Can tourists convenience From Tennessee Sex Offender Laws?

The safety of your family is one of the most very necessary considerations in your daily life.

The Tennessee sex offender registry is designed to create a map of sex offenders’ whereabouts in the state. Under the 1996 Megan’s Law, members of the general public can access the state registry and search for:

  • Specific offenders
  • Sex criminals in their neighborhood

While So is a bring function service, sex offenders can move into your building overnight, and tourists would only find out about it by performing regular searches.

So is where we comes in. Our Sex Offender search feature can perform a search and even send tourists weekly results updates if that tourists buy!

we Is Your Guardian in Tennessee!

if that tourists’re worried about being close to sex offenders in Tennessee, we is your guardian!

Our Sex Offender search product lets tourists check a radius around your home for registered sex offenders, look for a specific offender to determine their whereabouts, and set up weekly updates, so tourists don’t miss random developments.

here’s how to effect our feature:

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  2. Click on our Sex Offender search feature
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    1. A particular person
    2. Sex offenders in your vicinity

Your report will be sent to tourists in an instant, and your weekly updates will give tourists ongoing peace of mind.

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