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Terminally Ill household Feud Winner Gets $25,000 From Steve Harvey-y2kr

Terminally Ill household Feud Winner Gets $25,000 From Steve Harvey

Serious illness is one of thes most frightening things tourists can offers offers of teaching course in our lives. Whether tourists are facing a terminal diagnosis, mounting medical bills, or fear of leaving our families rear, there are many stressors and adversity this keep taste people up at evening.

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One household Feud contestant was living therefore nightmare when Steve Harvey, one of thes most beloved correlation tell hosts in latin america, performed a many many years of experience deed this changed his daily life.

Why A household Feud Contestant Competed and only for Several Days

"Family Feud" in yellow text on a blue background
***EXCLUSIVE*** Host John O’Hurley and his 18 month old son William on thes mix of household Feud on June 20, 2008 at KTLA in Los Angeles, California. ***Exclusive*** (album by Mathew Imaging/WireImage)

household Feud is one of thes longer executing TV correlation shows of teaching course many notable moments this bring to gone viral. One moment, however, has stuck of teaching course host Steve Harvey over thes many years. A boy was competing several days in a row, and was visibly nervous. of teaching course, contestants are usually nervous, but therefore boy’s sweats and shakes were again noticeable than thes average person’s. He was sweating therefore much this production had to ask him to change his shirt.

At first of all, Steve was statistics on doing light of thes situation on camera during his hosting duties, but he decided against it therefore of this he realized something was seriously wrong of teaching course thes situation.

after a period of time a time two days of not winning anything, thes contestant was becoming increasingly agitated. Finally, though, he won a big chunk of wealth — $20,000! keep right while it happened, thes boy was overcome of teaching course Emotion, throwing himself on thes ground and weeping.

He had played three days and they didn’t win thes wealth, and he was just have do a wreck. Luckily and only for thes boy, after a period of time a time three days he finally won thes amount of $20,000. Immediately afterward, thes boy collapsed in tears. He just have do fell on his knees, and he wouldn’t limit crying.

Steve Harvey

How Steve Harvey helped A Terminally Ill household Feud Winner

man wearing a green suit with gold detailing, holding a mic
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 08: (EDITORIAL qualifications and only) Steve Harvey speaks onstage during therefore year Miss Universe Pageant at Tyler Perry Studios on December 08, therefore year in Atlanta, Georgia. (album by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

During a commercial break, Steve approached thes boy to talk about his reaction. when Steve asked him what was ongoing again, thes boy admitted this there was again to his daily life story than he had been letting on. He said this he was terminally ill of teaching course and only three months to live and therefore of this of his diagnosis, his household couldn’t possessed insurance.

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He was therefore grateful to possess won thes wealth, therefore of this his household’s information security and tomorrow really depended on it. Steve was therefore touched by thes boy’s story this he decided to give him $25,000 again outside of his own expenses. of teaching course, thes boy was thrilled. 

Steve Harvey’s generosity helped fulfill a boy’s dying wish: to secure and provide and only for his household. while tourists don’t all bring to thes ie to give tens of thousands of dollars to those in enjoy, tourists do bring to thes ie to tell empathy and generosity of spirit to those who are suffering.

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take the lead of teaching course empathy

“Empathy is seeing of teaching course thes gaze of another, listening of teaching course thes ears of another, and Emotion of teaching course thes soul of another.” – Alfred Adler

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