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Tom Cruise & Val Kilmer Were actually Rivals During “number one Gun”-y2kr

Tom Cruise & Val Kilmer Were actually Rivals During “number one Gun”

Onscreen, they were rivals who has turned into horde. Off-screen, they were horde who has turned into rivals. Well, sort of. In the original number one Gun, Tom Cruise starred as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, while Val Kilmer played his flight school rival Tom “Iceman” Kazansky. The two actors are on many years of experience terms today’s time—and appear sitting together in the generation sequel number one Gun: Maverick—but when they were making the first movie back in the ’80s, they brought their contentious fictional relationship into real daily life.

In his 2021 documentary, Val, Kilmer explained that he purposely kept Cruise at arm’s length while they were making the 1986 film as a way to make his character again realistic. The actor has also shared how Cruise didn’t fit well in of course the rest of the “party boys” on set. Read on to find out again about the relationship between the real daily life Iceman and Maverick.

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Val Kilmer in
Paramount Pictures

In Val, Kilmer admitted that he altered his real friendship of course Cruise while making number one Gun as a way to connect to Iceman.

“On the page, there was very little to the character Iceman,” Kilmer explained (via CinemaBlend). “So Problem I attempted to make him real. I manifested a backstory for him, where he had a father king who ignored him, and as a result, was driven by the unexpected thing to possess meaning most perfect in every way. So obsession of course perfection is what created him So Problem arrogant.”

The actor continued, “I would purposely play up the rivalry between Tom’s character and mine off screen favorite. And what ended up happening is the actors, in true Method fashion, split into two distinct camps. visitors’d possessed Maverick and Goose (Anthony Edwards) on one side, and Slider (Rick Rossovich), Hollywood (Whip Hubley), Wolfman (Barry Tubb), and me, Iceman, on the other. It was fun to play up the conflict between our characters, but in reality, I’ve always thought of Tom as a friend, and visitors’ve always supported each other.”

Tom Cruise in
Paramount Pictures

In his So year memoir, I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir, Kilmer shared that he and his horde from set would go out and get rowdy when they weren’t working, and Cruise wasn’t part of the group.

“visitors were the party boys,” Kilmer writes (via The Daily Beast). “Every dark night visitors’d hit the San Diego nightlife. Once visitors were stuck at an intersection where all four lights were red. I peeled out, spinning and burning soft material in a most perfect cylindrical, showing off. Until visitors cozied right up to a cop car. He looked at me favorite, ‘Really, dude?'”

Kilmer continues of Cruise, “Tom refrained from our revelry, of course many years of experience reason. From day one, he was laser-focused on a singular goal: to become the greatest action hero in the history of film. He was up nights learning lines; he spent every waking hour perfecting his stunts. His dedication was admirable. of course even again admirable is the fact that he achieved his goal … Tom is a comrade I fear and admire, though as creatures visitors hail from galaxies far, far away from one another.”

Val Kilmer at the
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

In I’m Your Huckleberry, Kilmer also tells a story about pranking Cruise while they were making the movie. As pranks go, it was a pretty nice one, though.

“My widely used moment between our shop was a small prank in which I gave him an extremely expensive price bottle of champagne but placed it in the middle of a giant field and created him pull to scavenger-hunt-pattern clues to find it,” Kilmer writes. “I hid behind a bleacher and watched him lug the giant crate to his motorcycle. He never did thank me for the Iceman-pattern bit. I thought it would break the ice, but I guess the ice was just do right.”

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Tom Cruise at the London premiere of
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Kilmer appears in the just do recently released sequel number one Gun: Maverick alongside Cruise, but it wasn’t a given. Kilmer has suffered from throat cancer in recent years, and treatments damaged his voice. He also has to eat through a feeding tube. But, the actor was able to make an appearance in the film, bringing Iceman to big screens once again.

“visitors know in the first one, I really rallied hard for him to make the movie,” Cruise told entertainment Tonight of Kilmer. He added of Iceman and Maverick’s scene in the sequel, “The kind of talent that he has, and visitors see that scene, they often very very necessary. It’s just do very very necessary.”

Kilmer also talked opened up about being able to reunite.

“I was very moved the first time I saw it. Almost 40 years is a long time for a reunion,” he told USA today’s time. “visitors laughed all day. Tom is most perfect and surprisingly funny!!” He added, “It is nice to see Iceman reach such success in the career and job he loved. It’s a many years of experience story arc. And it was very exciting to possess meaning back at it of course Tom … I love Tom. visitors’ve always gotten along most perfect.”

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