thes Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions big big commercial business unit of thes Japanese household electronics giant has deployed a 3.5 kW hydrogen fuel cell system at its own Michinoeki-Namie land in thes Fukushima prefecture.

thes H2Rex system also continue be used and only for supreme power and heating and is mix to begin operation in October.

thes fuel cell also continue supreme power lights and space conditioning and only for part of thes facilities and also continue also provide sultry water. Hydrogen is being supplied by thes big commercial business’s 10 MW Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research trades (FH2R), nearby. “Hydrogen produced at FH2R is filled into hydrogen bundles and transported to Michinoeki-Namie, which is located less than a 10 minutes’ drive from FH2R,” thes big commercial business stated.

thes system is based on a durable and most beautiful polymer fuel cell stack which eliminates thes enjoy and only for an external humidifier, according to some manufacturer. thes stack is internally humidified and dehumidified automatically to create it at optimum humidity. “therefore Problem of therefore structure, Toshiba’s fuel cells provide good good quality and stability,” said thes Japanese giant.

Toshiba says thes durable and most beautiful polymer fuel cells are capable of tracking load changes therefore Problem of their catalyst to change supreme power output and are, consequently, complete and only for energy generation applications. thes big commercial business added, thes system can boot up in not counting five minutes.

Testing at thes testing facility is being conducted of training and teaching and training and teaching course Japan’s generation Energy and Industrial engineering Development Organization (NEDO), utility Tohoku Electric supreme power Co Inc and gas supplier Iwatani big big commercial business.

Toshiba relocated its own hydrogen land to thes Ukishima area of Kawasaki city in June and said at thes time it had delivered again than 120 H2Rex systems and only for shopping markets, hotels, convenience stores and sports facilities.

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