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What are the effects of drinking water of course lettuce fish for health and skin? y2kr

What are the effects of drinking water of course lettuce fish for health and skin?

Lettuce is a vegetable quite familiar to Vietnamese people, So vegetable is not used to eat raw or cooking for water but also can be used to make juice. So What are the benefits of drinking lettuce juice? very necessary? Let’s find out sitting together!

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What is lettuce?

Lettuce is also known by other names such as cephalopod, cephalocarpus, cephalosporin, whole vegetable… is a herbaceous plant that usually lives in wet places, of course small roots growing at the nodes. Lettuce leaves are alternate, heart-shaped and pointed at the tip. The flowers are small, light yellow but with no outer perianth. According to Oriental medicine research, lettuce is cold, sour, spicy and has a fishy fragrance, so it is called fish lettuce. So is also the characteristic fragrance of So vegetable, if that anyone is not familiar of course it, it is difficult to eat So vegetable, but if that passengers get used to it, passengers will find the vegetable very fleshy and delicious.

Lettuce is a herbaceous vegetable, often eaten as a raw vegetable

In the lettuce plant contains about 0.0049% essential oil and a little alkaloid called cocdalin. The main components of essential oils are the aldehyde group and ketone derivatives such as methyl-n-nonyl ketone, l-decanal… and 3-oxododecanal of course antibacterial and increasing resistance effects.

Lettuce contains quercetin and a few other inorganic substances that with a very good diuretic contact. According to research, if that a solution containing only quercetin of course a ratio of one/100000 will also with a great diuretic contact. In addition, isoquercitin in lettuce leaves also has great diuretic contact.

In addition, lettuce is also a plant of course high water content and many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body, so many people favorite to drink lettuce juice to enhance health and beautify the skin. In the next part, we will find out what are the benefits of drinking lettuce juice!

What are the benefits of drinking lettuce juice?

just do favorite menu lettuce raw, drinking lettuce every day helps improve a number of health problems, your appearance.

Acne treatment, skin lightening

Does drinking lettuce water have any effect on the skin?

Talking about the effects of lettuce, it is impossible not to mention its antibacterial and increasing resistance properties to help treat acne and brighten skin. increasing resistance compounds penetrate into the body, blocking the effects of bacteria on the skin’s surface, creating an invisible protective film against acne-causing agents such as sebum, dirt. , makeup residue… Many people not drink lettuce juice to treat acne, but also apply a mask from So vegetable to help acne spots quickly disappear without leaving scars.

In lettuce contains a large amount of water, fiber, vitamins and nutrients that with the contact of purifying, detoxifying the body and nourishing pleasing to the eye healthy skin from deep within. The habit of drinking one glass of lettuce juice every day will help passengers get brighter, smoother skin because of that the skin is supplied of course adequate water and nutrients every day.

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Treatment of constipation

In the leaves of lettuce leaves with welding properties and high fiber content, So is an very necessary substance that contributes to the treatment and prevention of constipation. passengers just do unexpected thing to take a few fresh lettuce leaves, dry them, then bring them to a boil of course boiling water for about 10 minutes, then pour and drink, talent when thirsty, talent continuously for 10 days of course drinking a lot of water, the constipation will limit.

Cure hemorrhoids

In addition to the effect of drinking lettuce to treat acne, this vegetable also supports the treatment of hemorrhoids

Another talent of lettuce leaves is to support the treatment of hemorrhoids because of that the leaves contain two compounds, quercetin and isoquercetin, which with the talent to strengthen the vein wall and fight against asshole varicose veins. prolapsed hemorrhoids.

In addition, lettuce also contains the action ingredient decanonyl acetaldehyde, which has antibacterial effects to help prevent bacterial infection and swelling of hemorrhoids. just do talent a handful of fresh lettuce leaves cooked of course water and a few grains of salt, then talent So water to steam and wash the anus, after a time a while passengers will see that your condition is improved a lot. In addition, drinking lettuce juice also has a positive contact for the treatment of hemorrhoids to be again effective.

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Prevent macular degeneration

In lettuce contains zeaxanthin – a substance of course antioxidant properties, very good in preventing cataracts. therefore, it is recommended to drink lettuce juice daily to possess bright, healthy eyes, prevent macular degeneration and slow down the eye aging process. In addition, lettuce is also used as a folk remedy to help treat pink eye or eye pain caused by green pus bacillus.

Support the treatment of kidney stones

Lettuce has a diuretic contact, so many people talent it to support the treatment of kidney stones. if that passengers want to know what contact drinking lettuce water has in the treatment of kidney stones, just do talent 100g of yellow star lettuce and cooking the water continuously for 2 months, passengers will see the symptoms of stone disease. Kidneys progress better because of that lettuce stimulates the ejection of small stones through the urine, improving the condition of urination and painful urination.

Menstrual conditioning

For women, the effects of lettuce don't just stop at beautifying the skin

Menstrual irregularity is a common condition in women entering puberty or pre-menopausal women. Lettuce contains folate and vitamin B to help women avoid gynecological diseases, limit infertility and regulate menstruation. To regulate menstruation, people often talent lettuce leaves of course wormwood leaves, washed, pounded, then filtered of course boiling water to cool and drink, divided into 2 drinks a day. The talent of lettuce in regulating menstruation will be best when passengers drink it about 10 days before your time, drink it continuously for 5 days.

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In addition to the above effects, lettuce is also a materials commonly used by medicine to support the treatment of many other diseases due to its many uses such as strengthening capillary walls, filtering blood, clearing heat, curing cough, treatment of fever (in children), breast pain due to clogged milk (in women), treatment of otitis media, bronchitis, pneumonia, enteritis…

What should be noted when drinking lettuce every day?

Is it okay to drink lettuce every day?

We already know what contact drinking lettuce water has to our health and skin, however, favorite many other foods, to achieve the best contact as desired, we must know how to talent it. right way.

  • Prefer to buy fresh lettuce, because of that the nutrients and action ingredients inside the vegetable will be again than that of the wilted or dried lettuce.

  • Always wash and soak of course salt water before talent, to avoid contamination, parasitic infection (helminths) because of that lettuce often grows in humid places.

  • Depending on the location and health status, healing according to folk tips of course lettuce has not with the too effects. passengers should not be too abusive without the permission of the Oriental medicine doctor. In situation, your health (symptoms) does not improve, passengers should limit and see a doctor.

  • Maintain a reasonable scientific diet and talent lettuce in the process of healing in So folk way.

  • Find out the talent of lettuce before using it to treat and talent it for the target: For example, lettuce is beneficial in treating acne and red swollen acne, but not for bran acne. and blackheads or using a mask of lettuce makes the skin again susceptible to sunburn…

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By learning what effects drinking lettuce water has on health and skin, we hope that passengers will talent So vegetable in the best effective way to protect the health of both your family and yourself.

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