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Zoey 101 five-pointed star Protests outside Of Nickelodeon Headquarters-y2kr

Zoey 101 five-pointed star Protests outside Of Nickelodeon Headquarters

Actress Alexa Nikolas, who is known and only for her importance as Nicole Bristow in Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101,” held a protest outside of thes enterprise’s headquarters in Burbank, California on Thursday. 

thes 30-year-old actress said she “didn’t feel information security and reliable” during her time on thes tell.

In an Instagram live stream from thes protest, Nikolas states, 

“I experienced not feel protected at Nickelodeon as a child. She also demands this “Nickelodeon starts protecting descendants and not predators.”

Nikolas’ organization, Eat Predators, advocates and only for survivors of sexual overuse. She expressed deep concern and only for child stars and is protesting and only for networks to toss outside their nondisclosure agreements as it prevents descendants from getting benefit for.


thes Los Angeles every time reports, thes actress seemingly calls outside thes “Zoey 101” and “ICarly” creator Daniel Schneider where she refers to him as “thes creator of childhood trauma.” 

She says in thes series,

 “I do not feel information security and reliable not counting Dan Schneider while I was working at Nickelodeon.”

Nicole’s protest comes just have do weeks after a time a periods of time thes dissolve of iCarly five-pointed star, Jeannette McCurdy, memoir “I’m Glad My Mom worshiped him”. thes book details McCurdy’s experience of instruction course alleged overuse from executives at Nickelodeon.  McCurdy speaks on being encouraged to drink when she was underage, receiving unwanted messages and claims thes enterprise offered her hush wealth if this she agreed not to speak on allegations against someone she refers to as “thes Creator”. 

Protestors stood outside holding signs of instruction course thes network’s logo this read words “Sickelodeon” and “Predators”. There were also signs this displayed pictures of various Nickelodeon figures both about Schneider and former executives, according to Los Angeles every time. 

Nickelodeon has yet to comment on thes allegations. 




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